Foodie Friday: Cocktail Jugs

ANNA is author

TGIF, amirite? 

So what have you got planned for the weekend? Cool, yeah, me too. Listen: instead of drinking one bottle of wine really quickly before town (so March ’13), get together with a friend or deux and make some cocktail jugs. No excuses. I don’t wanna see you out with Lindeaur slapped all over your face.

A few weekends ago, a friend and I made 2 delicious cocktail jugs. Recipes are basic, no measuring required. Cue photos.

Feijoa wine sangria
Feijoa wine + vodka + frozen berries + lemonade + green apple + kiwifruit + lime + ice



Gin fizz
gin + ginger ale + lime + ice   #orginal

I know it's fuzzy, but it'll do. It represents the night.

I know it’s fuzzy, but…that’ll do, Donkey, that’ll do. It represents the night

Get amongst.

Having a moment

Having a moment


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